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Realtor Caravan
Selling your house - Huntsville's Weekly Realtor Caravan

Realtor Caravan: What is it?

If you’re selling your house in Huntsville or Madison AL, you  should know about the weekly Realtor caravan. This is where groups of real estate agents meet up and literally caravan (i.e. car pool) to a select set of houses currently on the market to introduce our listings to one another and select the featured Homes of the Week. The participating Realtors score the houses on the current week’s caravan list on multiple factors, including price, exterior appearance, interior appearance, design flow, condition, and salability. Realtors can’t vote on their own listings, but they have to participate in caravan to have a house visited by the caravan. The overall high scorer is named the Valley MLS Home of the Week, which gets the home a fair amount of exposure.

How caravan helps you when selling your house

While the odds of winning Home of the Week are small, there are other benefits to having your house on caravan. One is to get feedback from a number of real estate agents about what could be done to make your property sell faster. For example, if your real estate agent told you that you have to remove your portrait of Grandpa Joe from over the fireplace because it’s hurting the sale of your home, you might think they’re being picky. But if you have 12 seasoned real estate agents come to your house on caravan, none of whom have anything to gain, and all of them write in their review that the portrait over the fireplace is a problem, you as a home seller should listen.

The other reason caravan is valuable may or may not be obvious. Real estate agents represent both buyers and sellers. Every agent that comes through is going to remember that house, and that increases the chances of finding your buyer.

Not every agent puts their listings on caravan, but I do. I think it’s a great way to get your house plugged in with a wide network of Realtors, which can be a quick path to the area’s house hunters. If you’re selling your house, make sure your agent gets your house the additional exposure of Huntsville’s weekly Realtor caravan.