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“Where’s Heidi the Home Fairy Hiding” Contest


Where’s Heidi the Home Fairy Hiding” is a contest run by RhondaHuntSellsHomes.com. The rules are simple and there is no cost to enter. During a given contest, which is typically open for 48  hours, there will be one photo in the set of photos for a designated property that has Heidi the Home Fairy embedded in the scene. Be one of the first 5 people to email Rhonda with the name of the photo in which you found Heidi the Home Fairy in order to win. (See rules below for email address)

This is what Heidi the Home Fairy looks like:




Heidi is only  7 1/2 inches tall. (She’s shown with a Sharpie for perspective.) She will not be this easy to find, and may be partially hidden. Look for her wand, or her pig tails.


The first five entries to email me the correct answer will receive two free tickets to Monaco Pictures. Your entry MUST be emailed. See Rules and email address below.


  1. Find Heidi in the one photo in which she appears in the ongoing contest’s property (one property per contest!). (The photos are in the Slideshow for the designated property)
  2. Only one winner per household per 3 month period.
  3. If you disclose the location in a comment or other means on social media, you will be disqualified for the current contest.
  4. Winning names will be posted on Rhonda Hunt Sells Homes Facebook page.
  5. Contest is not open to Realtors, Mortgage Loan officers, or anyone working in the Real Estate field, or family members of Rhonda Hunt or her team.
  6. The tickets / prizes will be mailed to the 5 winners within 3 business days.
  7. Must be 18 to win.

To Enter, email the following information to [email protected]:

  • The name of the photo with Heidi the Home Fairy
  • Your name
  • Your address (in order to have tickets / prize mailed to you)
  • Subject line “Heidi Contest”

To learn of each contest start date and track the winners names, like / follow Rhonda Hunt Sells Homes on Facebook. (You do NOT need to like / follow this page to enter or win.)

Thanks for playing and good luck finding Where Heidi the Home Fairy is Hiding next!

– Rhonda


Example of where you might find Heidi the Home Fairy hiding! Sneaky Fairies!