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Houses for sale in Huntsville, AL and Madison, AL

Find Houses for Sale

Find houses for sale in Huntsville, AL and the surrounding area. Here you’ll find all the  search tools you need to explore the Huntsville and Madison Alabama real estate market, whether you’re looking for a great deal in an affordable home, a luxury home, a specific neighborhood, or almost any criteria you can think of.

Home search tools for Huntsville and Madison AL
Page Description
1 Affordable Homes Available Houses below 390K
2 New Listings New listings below 390K
3 Luxury Homes Available homes above 390K
4 Newly listed luxury homes New listings above 390K
5 Foreclosures See bank and HUD foreclosures
6 School district Search by school district
7 Advanced Home Search Customize by neighborhood, school, and more
8 Favorites Save your searches and favorite properties

Affordable Houses for Sale

Visit my Affordable Homes page to find houses for sale priced at $390K and below. This page will show you all the houses currently on the market in the Huntsville area in this price range.

Visit my New Listings page to see affordable houses that have recently entered the Huntsville real estate market. If you’re waiting for just the right opportunity before you buy, bookmark the New Listings page so that you can keep an eye for just the right house for you.

Luxury Homes

If you’re in the market for a house above the 390K range, please visit my Luxury Homes page. I can arrange a tour of any of the properties you find there.

The Newly Listed Luxury Homes Page will show you the latest entries to the real estate market in Huntsville above the $390K range. Be sure to bookmark this page if you want to keep track of the latest luxury homes available in Huntsville.

Search All Houses for Sale

My Advanced Home Search page allows you to customize your search based on price, neighborhood, school district and more.

Let me help!

You can always contact me for help in your home search. I have additional search tools at my disposal to help you find exactly the home you’re looking for.  Call me directly at the number below, or drop me an email via my Contacts page.

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– Rhonda