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Find out what your home is currently worth

For a no-nonsense, real home valuation, fill out the short form below.  I’ll touch base with you just to verify your contact information.
Home valuation is based on current market conditions, including recent sales in your area.

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Why do I need to contact you?

What do I mean by “real” home valuation, and why do I need your contact information?

You’ve probably seen the sneaky “See your home’s value right now!” pages on other sites. They seem to only want an address. You enter it, and the site will supposedly pop out an instant answer. If you’ve tried it, there’s a big popup over the answer asking for you email and phone number. Sneaky, right? They’ve sort of hooked you in. Even if you enter your contact information, you’ll see that they’re giving you the same thing Zillow and Trulia give you as an instant answer, which is the tax assessor’s value. You already know the tax assessors value of your property, since they mail it to you every year. (And you can call the tax assessor’s office anytime to get it.) But in reality your home is probably worth more than the county assessment. The market changes constantly based on demand, and the only way to assess your home’s current value is to look at comparable houses in your neighborhood that have sold in the last few months. That’s how the appraisers for the mortgage companies do it, and they’re the one’s deciding how much money a borrower can obtain to purchase your home. It’s the same method I use.

So it takes a bit of effort to do a real market analysis to determine your home’s value. I’m more than happy to do it for you with absolutely no obligation, but I do need to know that you’re a real person and you really are at least considering selling your home. That’s why I need your contact information. If you’re not ready to talk with me yet, I hope you’ll come back when you are!